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Welcome to Montana Film Festival

Welcome to the 4th Annual Montana Film Festival

Dear film lover, artist, community member, fellow human being,

It is with the utmost gratitude that we present to you the 2018 Montana Film Festival. It has been a sublime process to stay true to what we stand for here at MTFF. We aspire to import perspective and create unity through film. With those as our guiding principles, we have put together a selection of films from around the country and the world that we hope sneak their way through all the noise that we have the arduous task of navigating, and hit you in a place that is sown by the desire for shared meaning.

As the festival grows, we are dedicated to making the festival available to all by providing many of the screenings for free. We do this by securing local sponsorship for individual lms. This year we were able to make 8 out of 12 of our film presentations free for all to screen.

Thank you for taking the time to watch cinema.

With love,

Alana Waksman, Festival Co-Director
Marshall Granger, Festival Co-Director
A. Rizzo, Festival Producer/Co-Creator
Aaron Roos, Festival Producer/Co-Creator
Jeri Rafter, Festival Producer/Montana Film Forum


Mission Statement

Montana Film Festival is a respite from the market and industry of film festivals. We celebrate and highlight emergent talents and new points of view, importing perspective and representation into our community. We hold high the virtues of social communion around film and the relationships created through filmmaking, with special celebration of Montana’s growing film community. Founded within the heart of a non-profit cinema, our highest aim is to enrich our audiences through the art and craft of independent film.


About Montana Film Festival

With a lineup of new, acclaimed independent films and recent festival hits as well as spotlight screenings of exciting work by distinctive independent artists, MONTANA FILM FESTIVAL embraces the expansive possibilities and the independent spirit of contemporary filmmaking – bringing a wide range of uncommon films to its discerning audience.

The event welcomes guest writers, directors, actors, and industry professionals to experience Montana hospitality over the four day festival.  With special events to introduce audiences to filmmakers, spark conversation and expose the creative workings of filmmaking, MTFF is an immersive happening of screenings, talkbacks, panel discussions, live table reads, parties, music and community events.

The Roxy Theater is the host venue for MTFF, located on “The Hip Strip” in beautiful downtown Missoula, Montana. A nonprofit, mission-driven community cinema, The Roxy strives to inspire, educate, and engage diverse audiences about the natural and human worlds through cinematic and cultural events. In this spirit, we bring you the Montana Film Festival, an event fashioned around these core values with a focus on cultivating support for filmmakers as artists, culture creators, and curators.

We invite you to save the date for this event, which is sure to become a perennial favorite.

Once again, The Roxy Theater will be home base for the MTFF!