Turtles Are Always Home

I left Lebanon in 2006. For the past 10 years I lived in 7 countries, 10 cities, and 21 homes. I slept in 21 beds, cooked in 21 kitchens, cleaned 21 bathrooms, wrote on 21 desks and locked 21 doors behind me. I packed all of my life into two suitcases and a backpack. The rest stayed behind. Somebody somewhere uses my bed, somebody somewhere has my shoes, somebody somewhere maybe remembers me in those fragmented traces of mine.

I was there. But now I am here. In Qatar. In a fake Venice with colorful houses.

Houses have memories too. They hide them under their windowsills, tuck them in layers of paint and whisper them to birds passing by. I wonder whose memories will they keep. To live is to leave a trace behind, so i try. But these houses are constantly cleaned, watched and protected. So I caress them instead, and I film them, lest I forget.

Director: Rawane Nassif

12 min

Shorts Block 3

Saturday, October 5 at 2 PM
Sunday, October 6 at 5 PM
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