MTFF Presents: The Mountain

Ahead of our festival in October, Montana Film Festival is thrilled to host another MTFF Presents at The Roxy Theater on September 5th, presenting Rick Alverson’s The Mountain.

In the film, a young man follows a renowned lobotomist on a tour through 1950s America, presenting a new method aimed at addressing hysteria in women. The film is a kaleidoscopic view into the grip of male control on American culture, infused with a bleak comedic twist and an against-type withdrawn lead performance from Jeff Goldblum. Director of The Comedy and Entertainment, Rick Alverson continues to turn a mirror back at modern Americana that becomes less and less funhouse as we move forward.

MTFF Presents The Mountain on September 5th at The Roxy Theater, followed by a special Skype Q&A with editor Michael Taylor. Tickets available now at



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