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October 8-11, 2020

In Beautiful Missoula, Montana

Montana Film Festival

Submissions for the 6th annual Montana Film Festival will open on February 1, 2020

Montana Film Festival is a respite from the market and industry of film festivals. We celebrate and highlight emergent talents and new points of view, importing perspective and representation into our community. We hold high the virtues of social communion around film and the relationships created through filmmaking, with special celebration of Montana's growing film community.

Founded within the heart of a non-profit cinema, our highest aim is to enrich our audiences through the art and craft of independent narrative film. The Montana Film Festival is held each year in beautiful Missoula, Montana at the convergence of five mountain ranges.

We believe in the mission of our festival, and we strive to focus our attention on what the art of cinema is capable of achieving. We create a safe space for our filmmakers and audience members to connect, and aim to open the minds and hearts of all involved.

Writer/director Wendy McColm (Birds Without Feathers) at Montana Film Festival 2018

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