With a lineup of independent films from all over the world, Montana Film Festival embraces the expansive possibilities of filmmaking. The festival highlights emergent independent talents and favorites from major international festivals, with special attention paid to Montana's burgeoning film industry. Just as this festival honors the makers, it is also a perennial local favorite from our audiences, who consistently value Taking The Time To Watch Cinema. 

The beloved Roxy Theater, located on “The Hip Strip” in downtown Missoula, Montana, is the host venue for MTFF. The Roxy seeks to make the world a better place through the power of cinema, education, and community. In this spirit, we bring you the Montana Film Festival every fall, fashioned around these core values.

Our regular event welcomes guest writers, directors, actors, and industry professionals to experience Montana hospitality over the four-day festival.  With special events to introduce audiences to filmmakers, spark conversation and reveal the inner workings of filmmaking, MTFF’s retreat-like atmosphere adds to the filmmaker development opportunities at the Montana Film Forum. The Forum runs alongside the festival, offering a variety of resources for participants to find a path into the MT film workforce or sharpen their artistic prowess.

The MONTANA FILM FORUM is co-presented with the Montana Film Office and Montana Film Society for two days over the festival. The 2021 Film Forum is scheduled just before Thanksgiving when shoots are wrapped and many key production leads will be present. This year’s Forum will be free to the community and will include:

  • Presentations by the Montana Film Office providing up-to-date industry information, crew surveys, breakdowns of state film resources, networking, and special guest presentations.
  • Professional development workshops and certifications for various crew roles.
  • One Closing Festival screening & party for passholders, forum participants, filmmakers, festival supporters, and guests.


Past MTFF selections and Montana Premieres include Shiva Baby, Cowboys, Thunder Road, Tangerine, Mandy, Birds Without Feathers, Certain Women, and Wildlife

MTFF has welcomed a number of special guests to Missoula over the years: Charles Burnett, Bill Pullman, Lily Gladstone, Sophia Takal, Mya Taylor, Sarah Adina Smith, Emily Hubley, Benjamin Wiessner, Wendy McColm, Kenneth Turan (LA Times critic), Neal Block (Magnolia Pictures Head of Distribution & Marketing), Andrew and Alex Smith, Annick Smith, Amber Sealey, Krisha Fairchild, Ty Hickson, Annabelle Attanasio, Natalie Metzger, Richard Pearce, Lynzee Klingman, Jessica Oreck, and more.


Lily Gladstone and Kenneth Turan