Blood for Dust


Presented alongside Double Nickel
Q&A with Producer & Editor Alexander Kouroupos and Director of Photography John Nilles of Double Nickel

10/13 at 8:15pm | Theater 2

Presented alongside Leaving Yellowstone

10/14 at 5:15pm | Theater 2

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98 minutes

Director: Rod Blackhurst

Producers: Bobby Campbell, Mark Fasano, Petr Jakl, Bernard Kira, Nathan Klingher, Noah Lang

Filmed in Montana ⛰️


Farmers State Bank


Ricky (Kit Harington) makes serious money dealing illegal weapons throughout Montana and loves to flaunt it. Traveling salesman Cliff (Scoot McNairy), covers the same territory Ricky runs guns through. Desperate to find some financial relief for his struggling family, Cliff agrees to partner with Ricky, and commit cross-state drug and gun deliveries for a mid-level American cartel boss John (Josh Lucas). When a simple exchange turns into a bloodbath, the pair find themselves in a pressure cooker situation where unlikely drug dealer Cliff must fight as hard as he can to stay alive.