Double Nickel


Part of Shorts Block 1
Q&A with Mark Tomov from Double Nickel

10/12 at 5:30pm | Theatre 2

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Presented alongside Blood for Dust
Q&A with the director of Double Nickel

10/13 at 8:15pm | Theatre 2

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16 minutes

Director: Mark Tomov

Producers: Mark Tomov, John D. Nilles

Filmed in Montana ⛰️


Cambie Taphouse and Coffeehouse, Garage Tees, Boyle, Deveny, Meyer


When two hired killers storm into the Hideaway Café, tensions arise with a waitress named Loretta, and the deal that went south in their wake. Armed with double cross and a heavy secret in her pocket, Loretta must face the monster she summoned before it takes the night down with her. A mix-and-shake of rockabilly noir and 70’s horror, Double Nickel is a pair of loaded dice that might just kill you twice.