The Unknown Country

Director: Morrisa Maltz

Producer: Laura Heberton, Katharine Harper, Lainey Bearkiller Shangreaux, Vanara Taing and Tommy Heitkamp

Featuring: Lily Gladstone

Synopsis: An invitation to reunite with her estranged Oglala Lakota family launches a grieving young woman (Lily Gladstone) on an unexpected road trip toward the Texas-Mexico border. In this largely solitary journey with an unknown destination, Tana navigates the complex, post-2016 election social climate, and a natural landscape that grows increasingly surreal. 85 min
Sponsored by The Import Market.

Friday, Oct 14
at 7:00 pm

Q&A with Morrissa Maltz + Lily Gladstone

Sunday, Oct 16
at 7:30 pm

Q&A with Lily Gladstone

Roxy Theater