Tokyo Cowboy

A man sits on a bright orange couch. Above him hangs a poster that says "Big Sky Country".


Q&A with Film Producer Jeri Rafter and Crew

10/13 at 5:15pm | Theater 2

Q&A with Film Producer Jeri Rafter

10/15 at 2:00pm | Theater 2

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177 minutes

Director: Marc Marriott

Producer: Brigham Young

Filmed in Montana ⛰️


Montana Film Office
Montana Video Production Rentals


Brash businessman Hideki arrives in Montana, having convinced his Tokyo bosses he can turn a profitless US cattle ranch into a premiere-performing asset. Yet when his Hardee’s-burger-loving Japanese wagyu-beef expert fails him, Hideki is poised to misfire magnificently unless he identifies a missing element that’s key to the transformation: himself.