Blue Hour


Part of Shorts Block 2
Q&A with the writer & director of Blue Hour, J.D. Shields, producer of Blue Hour, Maya Korn, and Neo-Dome director Bonnie Discepolo, Frances Chewning (writer, director, producer, producer, actor) of The Glasses

10/14 at 7:45pm | Theater 2

10/15 at 7:30pm | Roxy Annex

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16 minutes

Director & Writer: J.D. Shields

Producers: Lauren Avinoam, Maya Korn, Diana Ward


Cambie Taphouse and Coffeehouse, Garage Tees, Boyle, Deveny, Meyer


Two personal journeys intersect when a struggling young photographer is hired for a last-minute portrait gig. The unfolding photo session, while fleeting, leaves an indelible mark on both women.