Julie Last Name


Part of Shorts Block 2
Q&A with the writer & director of Blue Hour, J.D. Shields, producer of Blue Hour, Maya Korn, and Neo-Dome director Bonnie Discepolo, Frances Chewning (writer, director, producer, producer, actor) of The Glasses

10/14 at 7:45pm | Theater 2

10/15 at 7:30pm | Roxy Annex

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17 minutes

Director: Alex Beh

Producers: Lawrence Inglee, Randy Luddy, Alex Beh


Downtown Missoula Partnership, Montgomery Distillery, SG Long Financial, Western Cider


Two old friends encounter a server over dinner who won’t disclose her last name while discussing life, love, The Berenstein Bears, and how the universe may have shifted the night the Cubs won the World Series.