The MONTANA FILM FESTIVAL celebrates the diversity and depth of Montana filmmaking by exhibiting films with a strong connection to the state, whether that connection is through shooting location, key roles, or a thematic focus on living in the contemporary West. 

The Roxy Theater is the host venue for MTFF, located on “The Hip Strip” in beautiful downtown Missoula, Montana. A nonprofit, mission-driven community cinema, The Roxy strives to inspire, educate, and engage diverse audiences about the natural and human worlds through cinematic and cultural events. In this spirit, we bring you the Montana Film Festival, an event fashioned around these core values.

Sponsoring MTFF means cultivating Montana film industry jobs and celebrating our state’s extraordinary cinematic achievements. Join us in making the seventh annual Montana Film Festival and Forum a touchstone for filmmakers to share their work with peers and the Missoula community on the big screen.  

Sponsorship from the Montana Film Office goes directly back into the Montana economy, providing a significant return on investment. It provides lodging for our guests, supports local festival venues, bolsters the Montana film workforce, and shares Montana-made film with a vibrant audience. The Forum setting offers production companies and Montana creatives the opportunity to solidify their relationships. Celebrating a finished film on a Roxy screen in a full theater is the ideal way to spur future possibilities for embracing this state’s inexhaustible cinematic resources. Through MTFF, producing partners will grow confidence in the capacity to launch every kind of production in Montana. 

Should the festival be canceled due to COVID concerns, any support would be returned. MTFF and the Roxy Theater will continue to monitor local, state, and national health guidelines and recommendations.


Carrie Richer ([email protected]

or Sarah Ferguson ([email protected])

406 728 9380




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Pre-show for the month of the Festival (November 2021)

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4 Festival Screening Tickets



Pre-show for the month of the Festival (November 2021)

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Radio ad mentions in MTFF promotions through Missoula Broadcasting Company

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