Montana Film Fest Presents: Raw (2017)

Year round at The Roxy Theater, Montana Film Festival now presents a new release in independent cinema each month, one night only This month brings a controversial yet beautiful new horror film, Raw. June 16th at 9 pm, The Roxy Theater. 

“If you can see past the rain of blood, Raw is a gorgeously moving film” – The New Republic

Julia Ducournau’s feature debut has quickly become one of the more polarizing films of the year, in and outside of the horror genre. After a win at Cannes in 2016, Raw went on to Toronto where members of the audience reportedly fainted or fell ill during the screening. The film follows a young vegetarian woman who has just started vet school when, during a hazing ritual, she is forced to eat meat. This encounter plummets her down a ravenous spell of meat consumption, ultimately leading to a cannibal nightmare.

Raw has been lauded as an brilliant art house horror in-line with Suspiria. The AV Club praised the film, particular its fresh voice: “The strongest of the female-led films I’ve screened so far at the festival is Raw, Julia Ducournau’s beautifully realized, symbolically rich, and disturbingly erotic meditation on primal hungers of all kinds.

Catch the trailer for Raw here, and be sure to come out to the screening at The Roxy Theater on June 16th.

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